Products and Services

Products and Services for Individuals

Santander Bank Polska range of banking services for individuals offers an extensive array of up-to-the-moment financial products to help you stay on top of your personal finances.

Our key products are as follows:

  • Personal accounts – Standard and bespoke accounts tailored to meet the needs of different customer groups, including the under 16s, university students, fashion-savvy shoppers, retirees (and over 65s) as well as versatile accounts for everyday banking and saving. We’re also proud to offer some of the best premium and foreign currency accounts available in EUR, GBP, USD and CHF. All accounts come with internet e-banking, mobile banking and payment cards.
  • Payment cards – Choose from credit, debit or pre-paid. Contactless payment cards, discount/loyalty reward cards, mobile phone-enabled payments and similar are also available with many of the accounts on offer.
  • Loans – Santander Bank Polska consumer loans and home mortgages (the latter in PLN or a choice of foreign currencies) are advanced on attractive terms and tailored to each customer’s needs.
  • Savings and investments – Whilst individual circumstances and needs vary, our customers can enjoy good rates of interest through our range of savings accounts and term deposits. Santander Bank Polska also offers mutual funds, including pension schemes and various investment programmes.
  • Insurance – Tourist/travel, motor and home insurance policies are available. There are also bancassurance products, such as payment protection plans, loan and credit card insurance.
  • Products for overseas customers – Santander Bank Polska also caters for the needs of foreign nationals residing in Poland. Customers meeting our acceptance criteria, including the possession of a Permanent Residence Card and the receipt of qualifying income from within Poland, can enjoy an excellent range of banking products. Foreign nationals who are not in possession of a Permanent Residence Card may still be eligible for a personal account with a debit card plus access to internet e-banking, Accounts can usually be opened at any Santander Bank Polska branch, where a customer adviser will always be pleased to assist you.