Development strategy 2021 - 2023

Purpose, aim, values and strategic objectives

The strategy of Santander Bank Polska Group for 2021–2023 is a continuation of the previous course of action and is based on the same values and assumptions as applied before. The Group’s purpose, aim and values have not changed for years:

  • Purpose

    To help people and businesses prosper

  • Aim

    To be the best open financial services platform by acting responsibly and earning the lasting loyalty of employees, customers, shareholders and communities.

  • Values

    • Simple
    • Personal
    • Fair


Key strategic dimensions


The strategy of Santander Bank Polska Group reflects a customer-centric approach to business management through continuous improvement of service quality and product range. A special focus is placed on digitalisation and simplification of processes from the perspective of customers, which helps to enhance their experience, increase operational efficiency and provide more simple and transparent products and services. The delivery of the Group’s strategy is underpinned by innovative solutions and the corporate culture which is focused on increasing engagement and motivation of employees as well as social responsibility of the organisation.

Six strategic directions

As part of the strategy for 2021–2023, the following six strategic directions have been defined: customer obsession, employee focus, simplification, smart omnichannel, innovate to open platform, safety and trust. They are the key focus areas of the Group’s transformation. The strategic directions set by the Group:

  • consolidate specific objectives set to increase loyalty of individual stakeholder groups: employees (employee focus), customers (customer obsession), communities and shareholders (safety and trust);
  • assign the highest transformational value to the objectives related to development of the Group’s operating model: simplification and smart omnichannel;
  • comply with the aim of Santander Group’s regional strategic plan One Europe, emphasising the foundations for the development of the organisation (safety and trust), with a particular focus on responsible banking (CSR/Corporate Social Responsibility);
  • indicate the Group’s ambition to build competitive advantages through innovation to open platform.

Strategic objectives

The activities undertaken as part of six strategic directions are based on strategic initiatives, such as strategic programmes, hot spots (initiatives focused on customers and employees), bets (initiatives in the Agile model) and group programmes. They are regularly monitored and their results are reviewed on the basis of qualitative and quantitative metrics. The following are measures defining the Group’s financial ambitions.

In view of dynamic and complex changes in the macroeconomic environment, the strategy of Santander Bank Polska S.A. is regularly verified, which helps take prompt action in response to market trends and other changes in the dynamic environment.

Ambitions for 2021–2023 and Delivery of the Strategy

Strategic directions

When setting strategic directions, the Group also defines strategic objectives and key success measures that let it track the progress in delivery of the strategy.

  • Our achievements

    Key success measure

    Our ambition

    • Gradual implementation of the hybrid work model and provision of supporting tools
    • Implementation of new tools for eNPS engagement survey
    • Promotion of diversity, equal treatment and inclusion
    • Support for talent development
    • Continuous improvement of internal processes and implementation of one-click solutions for employees
    • Maintenance of high score in the eNPS employee engagement survey
    • Leading employer of choice in the banking sector (Top Employer Poland 2021 certificate)
    • Implementation of a remote work culture and design of a hybrid work model
    • Development of wellbeing programmes and promotion of healthy and sustainable lifestyle (BeHealthy, SantanderGO)
    • High level of Agile maturity (ceremonies and tools)
    • Foster the corporate culture based on the Simple, Personal and Fair values
    • Increase employee engagement and retain the employer of choice title
    • Attract and retain best talents
    • Continue to develop key competencies (including leadership skills)

Delivery of the strategy for 2021–2023.
Financial and non-financial measures
of Santander Bank Polska Group

(as is 30 June 2022 and 31 December 2021)

* Only Santander Bank Polska S.A. (the number of branches also includes off-site locations and Santander Zones).

** Based on partial results of the ongoing NPS survey as at the closing of the report for H1 2022.