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Our aim, purpose and values have not changed for years: we are guided by the values and assumptions we share and foster from the very beginning. The current Strategy of Santander Bank Polska Group is a continuation of the previous lines of development.

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    To help people and businesses prosper

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    To be the best open financial services platform by acting responsibly and earning the lasting loyalty of employees, customers, shareholders and communities.

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    Simple| Personal | Fair


Key strategic dimensions

Key strategic dimensions for 2021-2023


The strategy of the Santander Bank Polska Group promotes a customer-centric approach to business management through continuous improvement of service quality and product range. A special focus is placed on digitalisation and simplification of processes from the customer’s perspective, which results in increased operational efficiency, simple solutions, and transparency of the offer. The strategy is also based on innovations, corporate culture that increases employee engagement and motivation, and social responsibility of the organisation. The pandemic, which started in 2020, confirmed that the bank had taken the right development directions.

Six strategic directions

Six strategic directions for 2021-2023

As part of the strategy for 2021–2023, the following six strategic directions have been defined:

  • customer obsession
  • employee focus
  • simplification
  • smart omnichannel
  • innovate to open platform
  • safety and trust

Two of them, i.e. simplification and smart omnichannel, are key to the transformation process. The above directions include specific objectives related to the key stakeholder groups: employees, customers, communities and shareholders.

Strategic objectives

Strategic objectives for 2021-2023

The activities undertaken as part of six strategic directions are based on strategic initiatives, such as strategic programmes, hot spots (initiatives focused on customers and employees), bets (initiatives in the Agile model) and group programmes. They are regularly monitored on the basis of qualitative and quantitative measures. Below are the quantitative measures of the Group’s objectives.

  Our ambition
Cost/Income (C/I) <40 %
Dividend pay-out ratio 50 % of PAT
Total capital ratio (TCR) at the level allowing dividend pay-out
Credit risk ratio (CoR) at the average pre-pandemic (COVID-19) and through the-cicle-level


In view of dynamic and complex changes in the macroeconomic environment, the strategy of the Santander Bank Polska Group  is regularly verified, which helps take prompt action in response to market trends and other significant changes in the environment (e.g. pandemic situation). The new normal created by the Covid-19 pandemic has a strong impact on the Group’s strategy and priorities. It also affects the bank’s operating model, which is regularly adapted to the new circumstances in order to maximise the emerging opportunities (such as acceleration of digitalisation) and effectively mitigate risk.

The Management Board of Santander Bank Polska S.A. is collectively responsible for the implementation of strategic objectives, which is reflected in the annual objectives of the Management Board’s members. The Management Board monitors the degree of strategy implementation on a quarterly basis in the form of standardized reports. As part of quarterly business planning cycles, held with the participation of members of the Management Board, newly established initiatives are verified in terms of compliance with the adopted strategic directions.

Results of strategic initiatives undertaken by SBP Group

in 2020 and objectives for 2021–2023

When setting our strategic directions, we also define strategic goals and key success measures that let us track the progress.

Employee focus

Our achievements

Key success measure

Our ambition

  • Ensured safety and supported wellbeing of our employees during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Optimised many HR processes
  • Continued development of a work model in accordance with the Agile methodology
  • Promoted diversity, equal treatment and inclusion
  • Supported talent development
  • Leading employer of choice in the banking sector (Top Employer Polska 2020 certificate)
  • Implementation of a remote work culture and design of a hybrid work model
  • Development of wellbeing programmes and promotion of healthy and sustainable lifestyle (BeHealthy, SantanderGO)
  • High level of Agile maturity (ceremonies & tools)
  • Foster corporate culture based on the Simple, Personal and Fair values
  • Increase employee engagement and retain the employer of choice title
  • Attract and retain best talents
  • Continue to develop key competencies (including leadership skills)


Our achievements

Key success measure

Our ambition

  • Simplified the product range and a number of key customer service and post-sales processes
  • Significantly reduced paper consumption in processes
  • Reduction of paper consumption (more than 3k trees saved in 2020)
  • Higher number of customers using e-communication channels
  • Reduction in the number of products
  • SMS-based authentication of payments and cash transactions at branches
  • Implementation of a cloud-based CRM solution in the business and corporate banking segment: Salesforce
  • Reduce paper documents and promote electronic communication
  • Continue to simplify processes and products and optimise the organisational structure

Customer obsession

Our achievements

Key success measure

Our ambition

  • Accelerated process digitalisation and simplification
  • Supported customers during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Introduced a plain language in communication with customers
  • Increase in mass NPS vs 2019 (steady upward trend since the beginning of 2020)
  • Build long-term customer relationships thanks to products created using service design competencies and feedback from customers from individual segments
  • Increase loyalty and digitalisation of our customers
  • Increase the customer satisfaction level (NPS)

Smart omnichannel

Our achievements

Key success measure

Our ambition

  • Accelerated process digitalisation
  • Increased the number of processes available in remote channels
  • Reduced the number of processes requiring a visit to a branch
  • Aligned the customer experience standard across all channels
  • 3m digital customers
  • Increase in the number of transactions made in remote channels
  • Growth in product sales through self-service channels
  • Higher number of paperless transactions and transactions without a traditional hand-written signature
  • Maximise the use of self-service and remote channels in key sales and post-sales processes
  • Increase the number of digital customers
  • Improve customer experience in remote contact channels

Innovate to open platform

Our achievements

Key success measure

Our ambition

  • Supported evolution to an open platform in cooperation with Santander Group and external partners
  • Developed open banking solutions via Santander Open
  • Launch of GTS platform offering new digital services for corporate customers
  • Extension of cooperation with external partners
  • Growing number of customers using Santander Open (PSD2 aggregator)
  • Further develop and improve the open financial services platform

Safety and trust

Our achievements

Key success measure

Our ambition

  • Continued to deliver sponsorship projects in sports, culture and education
  • Promoted cyber security awareness and culture
  • Supported and provided aid to customers from all segments affected by Covid-19
  • Improved IT system stability
  • Supported development of Green Products and Services and the Green Bank project
  • Coordination of Poland’s first issue of ESG bonds of EUR 1bn
  • 100% of energy purchased from renewable sources
  • Continued positive trend of system stability combined with a lower number of incidents
  • Delivery and co-financing of several dozen projects by Santander Bank Polska Foundation
  • Continue to develop leadership skills, focus on employees and promote diversity, equal treatment and inclusion in the workplace
  • Extend the range of Green Products and Services
  • Build the awareness of fraud risk among the bank’s customers and employees as part of promotion of cyber security culture
  • Focus on ensuring high stability of IT systems while reducing the number of incidents

Financial and non-financial measures in the process
of implementing the strategy

figures  as of 1H2021

Financial and non-financial measures in the process of implementing the strategy (figures  as of 1h2021)

1) Concerns Santander Bank Polska S.A.

2) In compliance with the guidance by the supervisory authority in 1H2021.