Strategy 2024 - 2026

Mission, vision, values and goals of the strategy

The strategy of Santander Bank Polska Group for 2024-2026 introduces new directions of development, while maintaining the foundations that have remained unchanged for years in the form of the mission, vision and values that accompany our daily work. The strategy is based on three directions: Total Experience, Total Digitalization and Total Responsibility.

  • Mission

    We help people and businesses prosper.

  • Vision

    To be the Best Open Financial Services PLATFORM by acting RESPONSIBLY and earning the lasting LOYALTY of our people, customers, shareholders and communities.

  • Values

    • Simple
    • Personal
    • Fair


Key Dimensions


The strategy of Santander Bank Polska Group was developed in the spirit of meeting the needs of a modern organization. It is underpinned by the Total Experience direction, where we focus on maximizing the customer and employee experience. As part of the Total Digitalization direction, we continue building digital service channels for our customers and an efficient, digitalized work environment for employees. Total Responsibility, on the other hand, pursues the responsible business agenda not only from an environmental but also from a social perspective.

Strategic Directions

Helping our customers and employees prosper is our purpose and the foundation of our three-year strategy for 2024 - 2026 .

Our actions are people-oriented: we focus on customers and employees. This is why relationships are the focal point of our strategy. We want them to be long-lasting and based on trust. We aim at evoking positive emotions and projecting the image of a bank that is close to people. We believe that caring about the experience will make us stand out on the market. This is what our first strategic direction – Total Experience – is about.

We also know that positive emotions and experience to a large extent depend on the interactions in the digital world. For this reason, with increased determination, we follow the path of digital innovation offering our customers new possibilities in remote channels and ensuring our employees simple and effective processes. This is what our second strategic direction – Total Digitalisation – is about.

Challenges we face as a bank and society require huge responsibility. And for us, responsibility is not just theory but a rule that guides us in our daily operations. We consciously make ethical decisions, keeping in mind our impact on the community and the environment. With a sustainable business model, we create value for customers, employees, shareholders and local communities, working towards a better future for our children and our planet. This is what our third strategic direction – Total Responsibility – is about.

Our path is clearly set – we believe that cooperation, engagement and determination will help us pursue together our strategy and strengthen our market position.

Strategic Goals

Actions taken as part of the three strategic directions are implemented through strategic initiatives, such as strategic programs and projects, initiatives under the Agile model and Group programs. These are regularly monitored and their results are reviewed using qualitative and quantitative metrics. The following are measures that define the Group's ambitions.

Due to the pace and complexity of changes in the macroeconomic environment, the strategy of Santander Bank Polska S.A. is subject to regular reviews which ensures a prompt response to market trends and other changes in the dynamic environment.

Ambitions for 2024–2026 and Delivery of the Strategy

Strategic directions

When setting strategic directions, the Group also defines WHAT its objectives are and HOW they will be delivered so that it can track the progress in delivery of the strategy.

  • Our objectives

    How we will deliver it

    • A unique corporate culture where both customer and employee experience are equally important.
    • A unique process of building user relationships through which we are an organisation that focuses on people needs, which lays at the heart of our competitive advantage. We ensure pragmatic value and positive emotional connection with customers and employees.

    We have combined CX and EX to increase the synergy of our actions:

    • We have created an integrated Total Experience (TX) approach. This is how we design and deliver unique experience to our customers and employees. This will make us joyfully brave, happily human and seriously impactful.

    We care about fundamentals:

    • We are simple by nature, as we simplify processes, solutions, documents and communication for customers and employees.
    • We care about work-life balance, competitive remuneration, and physical and mental wellbeing of our employees.

    We develop tools:

    • We always take into account employee perspective when designing solutions for customers. The experience of some is not at the expense of others.
    • We strengthen process ownership based on comprehensive customer and employee experience: Total Experience Ownership.

    We transform our culture:

    • We strengthen the corporate culture of Santander based on cooperation, trust, diversity, empowerment and continuous development.
    • We build the culture of cooperation in the spirit of One Team, placing emphasis on experimentation and continuous improvement.
    • We support leadership as the key element in building a human-centred organisation.

    We become a Love Brand:

    • We support customers and employees by communicating with them using emotional differentiators.
    • We design and test products and services with customers and employees based on the TX Guide.