Cookies policy

Purpose of the policy

The Cookie Policy contains information about the cookies used on, and,, the internet websites of Santander Bank Polska S.A. (hereinafter: "We") and the data collected, including your personal data in connection with the provision of our services to you or the implementation of your requests.

Personal data

We make every effort to ensure that our service makes it easier for you to browse the website, contact us and send applications via forms completed on the website.

When you provide us with personal data (e.g. name, surname, telephone number) via the contact forms or product forms, this data is provided on a voluntary basis. We process such data in order to conclude a contract with you or to fulfill another request. We have included the rules for processing your personal data in the Personal Data Processing Policies: Santander Bank Polska It will open in a new window websites, Santander Leasing It will open in a new window websites, Santander TFI It will open in a new window websites.

Cookie files

What are cookies

Cookie files (cookies) are small text files that are saved on the user's computer or mobile device (e.g. phone, tablet) when visiting our website. The files store various information about the user and his preferences. A cookie usually contains name of the website it comes from,  of the cookie, and a value, usually a randomly generated and unique string.

Why we use cookies

We use cookies to collect anonymous data about users, e.g. for statistical purposes, improving the useability of our website and personalizing the advertisements. We use them to remember how you explored our website and to make it easier for you to browse it We want to recognize your preferences and the way you use our services to offer products and services tailored to your needs. Some cookies are essential as they are necessary for the website to function and ensure security.

What kind of cookies do we use

We divide cookies according to the time for which they are installed in the user's browser. There are two types of cookies:

  • session cookies - they remain on your device until you leave the website or turn off the software (web browser) or until they are manually removed
  • permanent - remain on your device for the time specified in the file parameters or until they are manually deleted


Necessary cookies

These cookies ensure that our website functions properly and that you can use the services and functionalities available on it. This means remembering settings selected by the user, e.g. regarding the appearance of the website. Without these cookies, the website cannot function properly.

Detailed information about the analytical and marketing cookies we use

Managing cookies

You can change your cookie preferences at any time using the settings. You can also delete cookies at any time using your browser settings. Information on the procedures for deleting cookies can be found on the website of a given browser in the help tab.

If cookies are blocked or deleted, not all functions of our website will be available, for example, website data will not be displayed or the user will not receive personalized advertisements.

You can consult the data protection officer on all matters related to cookies.

Changes to the cookie policy

The cookie policy may be changed due to:

  • obligation to introduce changes,
  • changes of law,
  • changes of the scope of cookies used by us.