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Participation Voluntary Voluntary Voluntary
Funds ownership Private Private Private
Annual contribution limit in 2024 PLN 23,472 PLN 8,388.80 for those conducting non-agricultural activities: PLN 14,082.20 equivalent of 50,000 US dollars in PLN**
Contribution frequency You decide how much and when you want to contribute. You decide how much and when you want to contribute. monthly
Financial benefits
  • no capital gains tax
  • no inheritance and donation tax upon inheritance
  • no capital gains tax
  • payments in a given tax year can be deducted from the tax base (relief up to PLN 3,004.42 or PLN 4,506.62 for those running a business in 2024*)
  • no inheritance and donation tax upon inheritance (but a flat-rate tax of 10%)
  • no capital gains tax
  • subsidies from the state: welcome payment of PLN 250 and annual payment of PLN 240
You can withdraw funds earlier You can make a full or partial refund (19% capital gains tax will be charged on the refund). You can make a full refund (the amount received should be added to the income in the annual PIT settlement - taxation according to the tax scale). You can withdraw funds earlier:
  • for own contribution to the mortgage loan or in case of serious illness (maximum 25%),
  • without additional conditions (return with deductions: state subsidies and 30% of employer's contributions).
Withdrawal while retaining financial benefits
  • after reaching the age of 60 or 55 and acquiring pension rights
  • deposits at least in any 5 years or making more than half of the value of deposits no later than 5 years before payment
  • after reaching the age of 65
  • contributing to IKZE for at least 5 calendar years
  • taxation with a flat-rate tax of 10%
  • after reaching the age of 60 (25% one-off, the rest at least 120 instalments - in another form, it is necessary to pay capital gain tax)
Taxation on inheritance Without tax 10% flat-rate tax upon withdrawal Without tax

* the indicated amounts apply to the second tax threshold (32%)
** at the average exchange rate of the US dollar announced by the National Bank of Poland on the last business day preceding December 31 of the year preceding a given calendar year

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