Employee Capital Plan (PPK)

On January 1, 2019 the Act On Employee Capital Plans (PPK) came into force (hereinafter, the ”Act” or the ”PPK Act”) and imposed an obligation on employers to launch PPK schemes in their organizations (the deadline for implementation depends on the company size). In practical terms, this means that between July 1, 2019 and January 1, 2021 different groups of employers (from the biggest to the smallest ones*) will be gradually required to implement PPKs and enrol their employees in the plans.

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* The following employers do not have to join the Employee Capital Plan:
- employers who maintain Employee Pension Programmes, calculate and pay the basic contribution for their employees (for at least 25% of employees) in the amount of at least 3.5% of remuneration within the time limits specified in the Act on Employee Capital Plans,
- employers who are natural persons conducting business activity and employ natural persons to the extent not related to their business activity and the business activity of these persons,
- employers who are micro-entrepreneurs referred to in Article 7(1)(1) of the Act of 6 March 2018 – Entrepreneurs’ Law (Journal of Laws, item 646, as amended), if all persons employed submit a declaration on the resignation from contributions to the employing entity.