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Legal notes

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The information presented on this website should not be used as the grounds for making investment decisions. Prior to making investments in investment funds, the customers should review the key information document (KID) for a particular sub-fund and the prospectus of the fund which contains the financial data and describes the risks associated with investing in funds. In the case of Santander Prestiż SFIO, there is also an additional document supplementing the prospectus dedicated to customers of alternative investment funds. The key information documents (KIDs), prospectuses, documents for customers of alternative investment funds and financial statements of the funds are available on the website. The risk associated with the use of information published on website, in particular as grounds for making investment decisions, shall be borne exclusively by the website user.

The data present on the website concerning investment performance are historical data and similar performance in the future cannot be guaranteed. Unless clearly stated otherwise, the performance figures are not adjusted for the potential capital gains tax imposed on the Participant and the charges payable upon the sale or repurchase of participation units by the sub-fund. Individual rate of return depends on the date of sale and redemption of participation units and the fees and taxes charged. Current quotes of the participation units are updated on the website as soon as the valuation of the funds’ assets is completed.

The net asset value of certain sub-funds of Santander FIO, Santander Prestiż SFIO and Santander PPK SFIO demonstrates high volatility due to the composition of the investment portfolio. Some sub-funds can invest more than 35% of their assets in securities issued, guaranteed or underwritten by the State Treasury or the National Bank of Poland. The sub-funds cannot guarantee achievement of the investment objective or of the expected return on investment. Prior to making an investment decision, the Participant should review the fees charged by the sub-fund and take into account the potential tax imposed on the gains. The Participant should take into consideration the possibility of losing at least some of the invested capital.

Detailed information about Santander FIO and Santander Prestiż SFIO funds, including the financial data, description of risk factors and information on fees related to participation in funds can be found in the Information Prospectuses and Tables of Fees available in Polish on and from the Fund Distributors. The financial data of Santander PPK SFIO, a description of risk factors and information on participation in the fund can be found in the prospectus of the Santander PPK SFIO fund available in Polish on

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