No PC or mobile with access to the Internet? No problem – a fixed line telephone or a mobile will do to use our services.

  • Easy access to an account. You can enjoy investing on the stock exchange at any time and any palce.
  • Convenience. By telephoning us, you will also gain information about current situation on capital markets and stock exchanges, listed companies, stock quotes and our services.


Security of transactions entered by phone is ensured due to applying an individual and confidential password used instead of a client’s signature. Each disposition (only in Polish) is subject to verification while being accepted by an employee in order to be authenticated, in particular with respect to the client’s identity. In order to identify a person conveying a disposition, each time they are obliged to provide:

  • their name and surname,
  • if a disposition is placed by a proxy - the account holder’s name and surname,
  • the account number or their ID number,
  • their confidential identification passwords defined in the brokerage agreement.

In addition, all dispositions are recorded and stored.


Using the phone, you can for example (only in Polish):

  • place and cancel a purchase or sale order,
  • place a disposition to transfer monetary recourses,
  • place a disposition concerning a short sale,
  • obtain information about the balance of your account,
  • place a disposition to switch between the rate schedules,
  • apply for a tiered or negotiable commission,
  • place a disposition concerning foreign exchange, using convertible currencies and opening an extra account for GBP and CHF,
  • transfer securities,
  • block shares before a general shareholders meeting,
  • block securities used as margins,

and use many other services.

Santander Brokerage Poland installed a separate telephone line for its Clients, operating business days from 7.00 to 22.30:

  • +48 61 856 44 44
  • 801 36 46 36 – (The combination available only in Poland) 
    Services available by phone are also provided by most of customer services points during their working hours.

Moreover, by dialling +48 61 856 44 45 you will obtain information on:

  • current situation on capital markets and stock exchanges,
  • listed companies,
  • stock quotes,
  • services provided by Santander Brokerage Poland.


You will find more information dialling the above-mentioned numbers or sending an e-mail to:


If you want to use our services by telephone, you only need to open an investment account with Santander Brokerage Poland and fill in a proper form allowing for placing dispositions by telephone. You can do this in one of our branches or by mail.