Using our Internet service Inwestor online, you can enjoy investing on the stock exchange anytime and anywhere. The only thing you need is a PC with access to the Internet or a mobile. Inwestor online allows you to watch the market moves in real time and invest not only on the WSE but also on the greatest global stock exchanges.

  • Easy access to account
    You can enjoy investing on the stock exchange anytime and anywhere. You can have a look at your money and multiply it whenever you want to
  • Leader of internet services
    As independent rankings (e.g. "Forbes", "Gazeta Prawna" of 30.01.2009) show, our internet transactional service Inwestor online is highly prized. We invariably continue to keep the greatest number of Internet accounts (according to the WSE data)
  • Unique services
    We provide you with price alerts, i.e. SMS with stock exchange news. We also offer free of charge PAP service and immediate releases of dealers’ recommendations. Exclusively Santander Brokerage Poland offers you real-time American exchanges quotes, allowing for immediate investing via the Internet
  • Mobile
    You can invest via Smartphone through Inwestor mobile app


First of all money...
Fees for Internet orders on the spot and futures markets are lower than in case of orders placed personally or by telephone. Moreover, due to choosing the Internet Rate Schedule, the commission for orders placed via the Internet can be additionally lowered,
We offer you common day trading. It allows for paying a much lower fee for closing positions opened during the current session.
Secondly, time...
You have access to real-time stock quotes. Inwestor online displays market and index information related to the WSE,
You have access to immediate releases of dealers’ recommendations,
You can respond immediately to news from the market as quotes are integrated with placing orders. To place an order you only need to click on the offer you are interested in and accept it,
You save time as we provide you with material information via e-mail or SMS.
Thirdly, convenience …
Inwestor online allows for personalization. Due to this, you can select a page or function to be activated while your logging into the service. You can also decide whether to browse for securities full names or abbreviations, define your own list of securities and choose the quick option to place/cancel orders.

Investing safely and economically at any time and any place convenient for you is guaranteed.


To assure security of transactions, we provide you with individual access codes – PIN, NIK and an unblocking code (PUK).

While connecting with the Inwestor online system, the data transfer between the Client’s computer and Santander Brokerage Poland is subject to encryption. The server has a security certificate, which allows for protecting the transferred data from the third parties access.

We are also in the position to block your account automatically in the event of attempting to log into the system using an incorrect PIN three times, notifying the Client about this via SMS message and/or e-mail.


The transactional service Inwestor online offers services that suits your investment needs.

List of the major services that you can use:

  • displaying the investment account balance and record,
  • viewing active and archival orders and data related to realized transactions,
  • conveying price alerts– information (SMS) about values and changes of the selected securities and indices listed on the WSE,
  • providing information related to the account and market data by electronic mail (e-mail, SMS),
  • placing dispositions to switch between rate schedules and apply for / switch to tiered commission or negotiable commission,
  • providing real-time research data and recommendations prepared by Santander Brokerage Poland analysts and dealers,
  • placing dispositions to transfer funds,
  • placing orders on the WSE (extra time trading, fixing, continuous trading, futures, options, property rights, index units) and foreign markets,
  • modifying pending orders (concerns the WSE),
  • cancelling orders,
  • placing dispositions to enter into agreements on access to foreign markets,
  • foreign exchange,
  • placing dispositions to use convertible currencies,
  • providing real-time stock quotes form the WSE and New Connect,
  • monitoring WSE indices in real time,
  • displaying charts with a wide range of technical research data in real time (WSE).


Should you have any questions or comments concerning the Inwestor online service, please send them to:


To use the Inwestor online service, you only need to open an investment account with Santander Brokerage Poland and fill in a proper form allowing for placing dispositions via the Internet. You can do this personally at one of our customer service points or by mail.