Santander Brokerage Poland. How to start investing

If you want to start investing on the stock exchange, you should use services provided by a brokerage house and open a brokerage account also known as ‘ investment account’.

Santander Brokerage Poland keeps brokerage individual accounts (including joint spouse accounts), non-residents accounts, minors accounts (including juveniles) and corporate accounts. A brokerage account comprises a securities account used for registering your securities and a monetary account used for handling transitions executed with respect to securities as well as other liabilities resulting from the brokerage agreement. Opening an account with Santander Brokerage Poland is very easy. You only need to come to one of customer services points, bring your ID and enter into a proper agreement. You can also open an account by mail.

Convenient and safe access to your account

By keeping an account with Santander Brokerage Poland, you can easily make investments on the stock exchange at any time and any place. You can invest your money wherever you want to as you can operate your account via the Internet, mobile or telephone.

Using the internet transactional service Inwestor online , investing is:

less costly – you pay lower fees for internet orders,
quicker – you respond immediately (due to access to the WSE stock quotes in real time and immediate releases of dealers recommendations),
more convenient – you manage your money at any time and any place.
If you do not have access to the Internet, you can manage your funds by means of a fixed line telephone or a mobile. You can place telephone orders and check your account balance (operating business days from 8.00 to 19.00) dialling the following numbers: +48 61 856 44 44 (Call in line with the operator's tariff) and 801 36 46 36 (The combination available only in Poland, Call in line with the operator's tariff). Moreover, by dialling +48 61 856 44 45 (Call in line with the operator's tariff) you will obtain market information and learn about services provide by us.

Further steps

  • Go to one of our branches and open an investment account.
  • If you want to invest in derivative rights or property rights or plan to invest on markets abroad, you can also enter into proper agreements at branch.