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At Santander Brokerage Poland, we perfectly know that investments are not results of coincidence. We also know that thorough understanding and realization of needs are base to supporting our clients investments. Therefore we constantly working on improving our offer and implement advanced functionalities that increasing comfort and ease of investing.

We offer a variety of investments in financial instruments on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, e.g. stocks, bonds, futures, options, ETFs, as well as stocks, bonds, ETFs on the largest foreign stock exchanges. Santander Brokerage Poland clients can participate in public offerings.

Our clients can comfortably invest using modern Inwestor online service, in which can activate Rynek 360 tab with quick access to information and transactions – a specific center of management investment. Mobile access to the stock exchange provides Inwestor mobile application.

We offer investors not only a NOL3, application to get quotes online with charts and technical analysis indicators, but also Amibroker, integrated with quotations professional program for technical analysis. We also offer advanced orders, which saving time and limiting influence of emotions when making investment decisions.

Santander Brokerage Poland clients can also count on the support from our experts. At Inwestor online service we provide We provide a wide range of professional analytical materials which can be helpful in investment decisions as well as Guidepost investment service, which allows to get an adequate investment model with the recommended structure of the portfolio. These recommendations take into account client's knowledge and experience in the field of investments, financial situation, preferences regarding expected returns and acceptable risk level. We also offer other advisory services.

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