Corporate Social Responsibility

What is corporate social responsibility?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) covers many areas of how a business organisation is managed. According to the ISO26000 guidance on social responsibility they include: corporate governance and management practices, relationships with consumers, customers, counterparties and suppliers, human rights, environmental protection and social engagement of businesses.

We are one of the biggest banks in Poland. The bank as you want it. We feel responsible for our customers and we are accountable to the whole society.

We are the second largest banking group in Poland in terms of the value of assets and a member of the international Santander Group. Last year was a year of major changes for us. We rebranded and integrated into our structure a demerged part of Deutsche Bank Polska in order to keep implementing our strategy under the new brand even more effectively.

Santander Bank Polska S.A. is a parent company of Santander Bank Polska Group and a subsidiary of Banco Santander S.A. As at 31 December 2018, Banco Santander held a 67.47% stake in the bank’s registered share capital and in the total number of votes at the General Shareholders’ Meeting. The remaining shares were held by minority shareholders none of whom exceeded the 5% threshold of votes at the GSM.


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Our business strategy

The strategy of our bank and its Group for 2019-2021 is a continuation of the development directions pursued to date and is based on the same values and assumptions. The Group’s mission, vision and values have not changed for many years:

  • Mission

    To help people and businesses prosper

  • Vision

    To be the best retail and commercial bank that earns the lasting loyalty of its employees, customers, shareholders and communities

  • Values

    Simple | Personal | Fair

We are part of Santander Group

Santander Bank Polska  is a member of Santander Group with Banco Santander S.A. as a parent entity. Banco Santander S.A. is one of the largest commercial banks in the world with more than 160 years of history, having its registered office in Santander and operational headquarters in Madrid. While it specializes in retail banking services, the bank is also very active in private banking, business and corporate banking, asset management and insurance markets.